Water: Treatment and Recycling


This online unit has been co-designed with a unit from Geography Teachers Association (GTAV) and the Western Treatment Plant.

Program Overview

Part 1 – Introduction to the Western Treatment Plants recycling process

Students explore the Western Treatment Plant via the 360 virtual tour.

Part 2 – Recycled Water – from Toilet to Tap

Students investigate how water is recycled and used in other countries. They are able to make comparisons of  how Australia recycles water and they look at new an innovative ways in which recycling technology is being utilised.

Curriculum Focus

Humanities / Science 

Special Notes:

  1. KIOSC will conference with the classroom teacher to show them the activity.
  2. The activity is designed to be completely independent of the classroom teacher. The teacher just sets the timeline for students to complete the activities.
  3. If required, KIOSC will negotiate a time to run the LIVE introduction (30 minutes)  and LIVE Lab session (30 minutes). The session can be in Teams, Collaborate, Webex, Youtube Live.
  4. All materials are included – TEACHER Notes – complete with guide and all answers.
  5. The Classroom teacher will need to provide student names and emails to KIOSC. This is so students can be given access to the security into the program.

The online program can be conducted over the suggested timeline . It is up to the classroom teacher.

Max Students: