Water: From Local to Global


The resource of water is fundamental to our survival on Earth. This program focuses on how local/global water resources are used, analysed and how the future of water, as a resource can be managed.


Program Overview

The program consists of 3 workshops:

Water Treatment

Students undertake a 360 degree immersive field experience in the KIOSC Igloo. This experience takes students to the Melbourne Western Treatment Plant where they learn how Melbourne recycles it water.

Water Analysis

Students follow the story of the Dandenong Creek that flows through Knox. Water samples have been collected from 3 sites along the creek and students analyse, Macro-Invertebrates, Nitrates/Nitrites and pH to determine the health of the river after a pollution spill.

Water Crisis

Students venture into the World Water Crisis, by studying how water in other countries is utilised. In particular, students take samples of water and attempt to filter as best they can by purchasing items for filtration – through a role-play scenario. After their samples are cleaned, they are shown how other contaminants, such as biological organisms, can greatly affect the health of the water.


Curriculum Focus

Science/ Humanities 

Duration- 9.30am to 2.30pm
Maximum: 75 students per day