VCE – Specialist Mathematics UNIT 3: Vectors


Students cover the arithmetic and algebra of vectors, linear dependence and independence of a set of vectors, proof of geometric results using vectors, vector representation of curves in the plane and vector kinematics in one and two dimensions.

Program Overview

This program explores the mathematical application of vectors, using modelling and 3D VR techniques.

  1. Vectors in VR
  • addition and subtraction of vectors and their multiplication by a scalar, and position vectors
  • linear dependence and independence of a set of vectors and geometric interpretation
  • magnitude of a vector, unit vector, and the orthogonal unit vectors i ­ , j ­ and k ­
  • resolution of a vector into rectangular components
  • scalar (dot) product of two vectors, deduction of dot product for i ­ , j ­ , k ­ system; its use to find scalar and vector resolute.

Curriculum Focus

Unit 1 VCE Specialist Mathematics: AOS 1 and 2 – Outcome 4: Vectors

Duration: 2 hours (booking time negotiable)

Max students: 24