VCE- Psychology Unit 2: Brain Tech


How does the use of technology affect our brain?

Students participate and carry out a research investigation on how the use of technology affects our brain and hence, physiology. They will discuss possible research questions on technology use and how to measure it affects on them.

Program Overview

This program will have two focus questions for investigation:

  1. Is virtual reality more effective in helping students a meditative state compared with the Smiling App?
  2. Can virtual reality change one’s state of consciousness from being in a relaxed, meditative state to a heightened state of arousal?

In this area of study students:

  • Carry out a scientific investigations as both the experimenter and subject
  • Identify difference states of consciousness
  • Make reflections on how technology affects them personally
  • Discuss various methods of obtaining data and how to analyse it meaningfully
  • Critique the program’s experimental method and suggest ways to improve it

Curriculum Focus

Unit 2 VCE Psychology: AOS 2 – Outcome 3: Research Investigation