Foundation/VM Mathematics – Design your own ‘Teenage Studio Apartment’


What if…..your parents said you needed to move out of home! But, you got to move into your own “Teenage Studio” in the Backyard!!. This workshop focuses on the Numeracy skills that students need to design and budget for their own Teenager studio!

Program Overview:

This program covers all areas of the Foundation Maths units and Vocational Major (VM) Numeracy and Personal and Social Development. It makes a great addition and has a real purpose and application using mathematical concepts. The program allows for students to develop confidence and skills in areas of maths such as: Number, Measurement and Finance. Students use 3D software tools to develop a real-life, relevant and personal plan for a teenage studio. Using 3D software, student will need to plan, measure, develop, budget and build a 3D representation of their own teenage studio.

The program is divided into three main learning sections, where information is scaffolded for students to be able to learn a skill/task and then apply it to their own design.

Session 1: Project Brief &​ Money and Maths Matters in Excel (~70 minutes)​​

  • Foundations (concrete slab) – measuring and calculating the volume of a rectangular prims, percentage calculations, budgeting and financial calculations
  • External walling with bricks – measuring and calculating the area of a rectangle, percentage calculations, budgeting and financial calculations
  • Internal walling with plaster –unit conversions (mm, cm, m), measuring and calculating the area of a rectangle, budgeting and financial calculations
  • Flooring – measuring and calculating the area of a rectangle, measuring and calculating total perimeter of a complex shape, budgeting and financial calculations
  • Internal furnishings – percentage calculations, budgeting and financial calculations(e.g. best buys)

Session 2: Designing in CAD (~ 60 minutes)

Learners use TinkerCAD, a free online tool to create 3D design. Students learn how to navigate and begin creating their design concept of their own studio apartment. This work can be saved easily and they can continue to work on this back at school, refining the process.

Session 3: 3D Design to Extended Reality: Merge Cube (~25 minutes)

Learners are able to export their CAD files to view in the Merge Cube. Merge Cube is a digital learning platform that brings science and STEM concepts to life through 3D simulations. Through this process, students can view their designs in 3D offering a new perspective and re-iterate their designs.

Session 4: The Keys to the Apartment (~40 minutes)

In the final session, students can create their own keyring for their house. They are lead through a design phase to create and print their own key rings. This activity offers students a fun way to finish their designs.

 Pre/Post learning Opportunities

The unit has both pre and post work elements, but the purpose of the one day workshop is for students to learn how to measure and scale in a 3D world. A digital portfolio is a great assessment tool to view the learning of students in a real-application of mathematics and design. The portfolio guide, template and rubric are available on request at the end of the session to be completed back at school over the timeframe of 3-4 lessons. This portfolio works well in the Vocational Major Numeracy and Personal Development Skills.

Curriculum Requirements: