Equipment Loan: Sphero Sprk+ with Sphero Soccer and Space Mat


Sphero is a great robot that has many uses in the classroom:

  • Use computational thinking to address the Processes and Production skills strands of the Digital
    Technologies Curriculum by programming Sphero in three different ways designed for learner progression
    – draw, blocks, and JavaScript.
  • Measure time, speed, distance and other metrics to support numeracy and science.
  • Perform specific functions such as motion and direction, colour and light and sensor controlled reactions.
  • Direct the movement of the Sphero using an app or autonomously using code to navigate a maze or terrain.
  • Develop Key Capabilities by working collaboratively on authentic challenges.
  • Use Design Thinking to solve and overcome challenges.

Program Overview

Teacher can choose the activities from the Activity Cards or use the sphero with resources from Sphero EDU and beyond.

Equipment Loan:
  • One blue Power Charge Box, containing 12 Sphero Spark Plus
  • 3 Sphero Mats and Challenge cards
  • Sphero Soccer Resource with ppt in LMS on request
Curriculum Focus:

Digital Technologies | Mathematics | Science  | Physics

  1. Sphero Activity Cards as a resources to work with the Soccer and Space Mat. There may be activities designed for Sphero Bolts which are not part of this loan kit.
  3. Download Sphero EDU App to ipad/tablet devices
  4. Online Resources:
    1. Teacher Resource Guide:
    2. Sphero Educator Resources:
    3. Digital Technologies: