EZ Rolli Robotics Challenge – AT KIOSC

What the students will learn:

Robots are used across many industries including logistics, healthcare, and agriculture. The scope for people to be efficient and effective in the workplace with robots have been identified by many industries and become one of the most growing areas of interest. Learning to use and program different robots creates opportunities in the future workplace.

What the students will do:

  1. Learn basic movements of a robot using pre-existing codes
  2. Discover how robots can be coded to pick up and deliver objects.
  3. Using the Dobot, investigate how to make a robotic arm move to pick up and drop an object
  4. Challenge: student can then attempt to incorporate the two distinct robots to work together.

Links to Industry and Pathways

  • Design Thinking and Manufacturing
  • Robotics and programming
  • Jobs of the future


Whole day activity at KIOSC.