Online – VCE – Psychology UNIT 4 : Sleep


How do external factors influence behaviour and mental processes?

In conjunction with the Epworth Sleep Centre, students undertake a comprehensive sleep education session. Sleep is able to be measured as a regular and naturally occurring altered state of consciousness, that follows a circadian rhythm and involves the ultradian rhythms of REM and NREM Stages 1-4, including corresponding brain wave patterns and physiological responses for each.

We can now provide a video of the sleep lab program. For more information, please book and inquire.

Program Overview

This program involves the use of polysomnography in monitoring brain waves from waking to sleep and the exploration of various sleep disorders and therapies. A student is wired up and we look at their brain waves (EEG), eye movements (EOG), heart (ECG) and muscle tone (EMG) in real-time.

  1. Monitoring sleep patterns, identifying changes in brain waves.
  2. Sleep disorders and therapies.

In this area of study students:

  • Describe ways to measure changes in states of consciousness using a polysomnogram
  • Identify and observe changes in brain waves when a subject changes from wakefulness to sleep
  • Explain various sleep disorders and associated therapies

Curriculum Focus

UNIT 4 VCE Psychology: AOS 1- Outcome 1: How do levels of consciousness affect mental processes and behaviour?

Duration: 1.5-2 Hours