Developed and delivered at your school by the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery, Missions Gravity combines classic scientific modelling.


Program Overview:

Each program can be booked separately or combined together.

1.Explore Uncertainty with Mission Gravity (60 min) – Students will explore the validity of small angle approximations commonly used in Physics and Astronomy using data collected in a virtual interface. Best  for years 11-12 /VCE Physics

2. Explore Gravitation with Mission Gravity (60 min) – Students will explore orbits, circular motion, and Newton’s Law of Gravitation using data collected in VR a virtual interface. Best for  years 11-12/ VCE Physics

3. Explore Blackbody Radiation with Mission Gravity (60 min) – Students will explore the relationships between colour and temperature of blackbodies by using data collected in a virtual interface to investigate Wein’s Law, best for  years 11-12/ VCE Physics

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Curriculum Focus:

Unit 2 Physics: AOS 1: How can motion be described and explained?

Unit 2 Physics: AOS 2: Options – 2.1, 2.2.