Online – Mission to Mars


How could we live and work on Mars?

Space exploration and the willingness of humans to live on other planets is becoming a reality. Society has adopted many benefits from space research & explorations and we will continue to benefit from discoveries made. The ability to live on Mars and function as a working society poses many challenges and obstacles.

Program Overview

This program explores the challenges of humans living and working on Mars, using a LIVE Online KIOSC educator tutorial and the KIOSC Learning Management System (LMS).

Task 1: Long Term Space Travel

Students explore ideas and solutions to long term space travel, using an empathetic approach.

Task 2: Mars Rover

Students use ‘Scratch’ coding to create and program a Mars Rover to navigate the Martian surface in search of valuable resources.

Task 3: Packing for Space!

Space travel is expensive and difficult. The more baggage you take the more fuel you burn. If you could only take 30kg to space, what would you pack?

Curriculum Focus

Science / Mathematics / Humanities / Digital Technologies

Special Notes:

  1. KIOSC will conference (PL) with the classroom teacher to show them the activities.
  2. KIOSC will negotiate a time to run the LIVE sessions in the class.
  3. TEACHER Notes  (complete with guide and all answers) and all other materials are included.
  4. The Classroom teacher will need to provide student names and emails to KIOSC. This is so students can be given access to the Learning Management System.

The online program can be conducted over three hours or over a week. It is up to the classroom teacher.

Max Students: