Online – Mission to Mars Part 2: Mars Rover

Delivery: ONLINE (Can book programs separately)

What students will learn:

How could we live and work on Mars?

Space exploration and the willingness of humans to live on other planets is becoming a reality. Society has adopted many benefits from space research & explorations and we will continue to benefit from discoveries made. The ability to live on Mars and function as a working society poses many challenges and obstacles.

What students will do:

This program explores the challenges of humans living and working on Mars, using a LIVE Online KIOSC educator tutorial and the KIOSC Learning Management System (LMS).

LIVE Session 1: Long Term Space Travel and Packing for Space!

Students explore ideas and solutions to long term space travel, using an empathetic approach. Space travel is expensive and difficult. The more baggage you take the more fuel you burn. If you could only take 30kg to space, what would you pack?

LIVE Session 2: Mars Rover (Book Separately)

Students use ‘Scratch’ coding to create and program a Mars Rover to navigate the Martian surface in search of valuable resources.

Links to industry and pathways:

  • Scientific Endeavour
  • Engineering
  • Coding
  • Space Travel


  • 2 x 90 minute session with post work activities in KIOSC’s Learning Management System.

Student Numbers:

  • Minimum 10 students when booking. Combined Year Levels are not an issue.
  • Maximum unlimited.