Online – Forensic Science: Crack the COVID Case


The COVID 19 vaccine has been stolen from the K.I.L.L.E.R Lab. Can you use your analytical skills to solve this case?

Solving crime is an important element in our society. Police and other law enforcement agencies now have many technologies at hand in order to solve crime using scientific methods and techniques.

Program Overview

Students use the KIOSC Learning Management System (LMS) to solve the Knox International Laboratories for Lifesaving Epidemiological Research (KILLER)  crime.

Welcome to the Case

Students are introduced in a LIVE Video session to the K.I.L.L.E.R Laboratory COVID theft. This session is split into 2 components. The first demonstrates how to use the KIOSC LMS system and navigate, the second introduces them to the case and sets the class in motion to find out who stole it!

Lab Operations: Analytical Services

What is it like to actually work in a lab? Hear from a real Forensic Scientist speak about their role and how being observant is key to solving a crime. Students are then able to interact in the lab and analyse evidence from the crime. Students take on the role as a Forensic Scientist analysing evidence using; soil analysis techniques and chromatography.

Lab Operations: Biometrics

Learn more about Forensic Science while processing the Biometric Lab. Students take on the role as a Forensic Scientist analysing evidence, such as: Fingerprinting, Shoe prints, Polygraph Analysis, Blood Typing Analysis and DNA profiling. Have they found the thief yet??

Field Operations and Information Services

Students process suspect interviews, alibis and develop timelines. They learn how to collate evidence and work out the means, motive and opportunity of the case.

LIVE Reveal

After collating the evidence, students join KIOSC again for a LIVE reveal. Did they solve it?

Curriculum Focus

Science / Information Technology / Humanities

Special Notes:

  1. KIOSC will conference with the classroom teacher to show them the activity.
  2. The activity is designed to be completely independent of the classroom teacher. The teacher just sets the timeline for students to complete the activities.
  3. KIOSC will negotiate a time to run the LIVE introduction (30 minutes)  and LIVE Reveal session (30 minutes). The session can be in Teams, Collaborate, Webex, Youtube Live.
  4. All materials are included – TEACHER Notes – complete with guide and all answers.
  5. The Classroom teacher will need to provide student names and emails to KIOSC. This is so students can be given access to the security into the program.

The online program can be conducted over a three hours or over a week. It is up to the classroom teacher.

Max Students:


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