Ocean Sustainability: Bio-plastics (ONLINE Delivery)

Ocean: Bio-plastics (Y5-9)

Delivery: ONLINE

What students will learn:

Plastic in our oceans is a major concern. There are ways we can change our use of plastics and how we make plastics. Students will learn what new technologies are being utilised in industry to change the way we manufacture plastics – using seaweed.

What students will do:

  1. Be engaged in discussion about sustainable practices.
  2. View a LIVE LAB Demonstration of the Bio-plastics being made.
  3. Make one – at home in their own kitchen, or in the classroom at school. If booking this program, we will send out the list of supermarket ingredients for students.

Links to industry and pathways:

  • Design Thinking and Manufacturing
  • Sustainability Practices
  • Being a scientist


  • 90 minute session with pre and post work activities in KIOSC’s Learning Management System
  • minimum 15 students for booking