Design and Technology come together as students create a beautiful LED Lamp.

Program Overview

This program consists of two, 2 hour workshops.

Session 1: Students will learn how to design in Adobe Illustrator. They will learn basic skills required to cut and engrave into their acrylic sheet. Ideas that they can create, are a desk name plate, a trophy or something they can think of.

Best to book the sessions at least a week apart……..time for KIOSC to cut their designs.

Session 2: Students will return to KIOSC to pick up their laser cut design and now begin to assemble and code their LED strip, using Arduino Leonardo. At the end of the session, students can take their coded LED Lights home (additional cost per student).

Curriculum Focus

Design and Technologies: Creating Designed Solutions

Digital Technologies: Creating Digital Solutions

Critical and Creative Thinking

Duration: 2 x 2 hour sessions, preferably on separate days so KIOSC can Laser Cut their Designs.
Maximum: 25 students per session

Cost: The may be an additional equipment cost added to the booking fee for students to keep their projects.