KNOX Primary Schools Term 3 Challenge – Robotics

KIOSC, in partnership with Knox Secondary Schools, is providing a FREE program for Primary Enrichment Students. Students are selected from their Primary School to participate in the afterschool deep learning and immersive program.


VCES learners will learn how to code with the LEGO Mindstorm robots. In addition, students will engineer sensor attachments and complete sets of challenges for their robots to complete.

Program Logistics:

  • The Program will run in total for 4 weeks.
    • Week 5: Introduction to the EV3 Robot and Programming
    • Week 6: Using sensors. VCES Learners will understand how sensors can be incorporated into their robots. They will then choose a sensor to automate their robots function.
    • Week 7: Preparing for Challenge Week. VCES Learners will program, test and re-program their robots ready for Challenge Week 9. This event will be open to parents,  Principals and Teachers from both Knox’s Primary and Secondary Schools for students to showcase and compete for in the Robotics Challenge Competition.
  • Thursday’s at 4.15pm to 5.45pm
  • Venue: KIOSC: Swinburne University- Wantirna Campus
Teacher Booking Instructions:
  1. Click: Book this program.
  2. Enter in Teacher and School Information
  3. List student names
  4. On Confirmation: Please arrange a normal school excursion process for each student with parent/guardian approval. KIOSC will need a copy of these details in case of emergencies when the program is running. Please ensure that parents/guardians are aware that KIOSC will have details on emergency contact and any medical information that is required. This will be stored at KIOSC until the end of Term 3 and then removed.
  5. Teachers are welcome to attend with students, but not required. KIOSC has both DET and Swinburne staff, but it is great professional learning for staff.
Class Limit: 20 Students
Teacher: Chris Palframan – Robotics and STEM Technology Educator