KIOSC Inspire Rural Project: Smart Towns

Raising Rural Regional Student Aspirations is a KIOSC project aimed to inspire STEM awareness and engagement in Victorian Regional Schools. KIOSC has a range of Regional Secondary Schools already involved in the project, but we are keen to take on more.

Smart Towns:

The theme is associated around Smart Towns. Within a community, there are many innovations using STEM technologies that can be engage with. The program focus is different for each school, and schools can choose the KIOSC additions to add into their curriculum.

Choose from the following delivered At School or At KIOSC:

Invasive Species AI – Using Artificial Intelligence technology, students train the computer to recognise weed/invasive species. (Technology)

Autonomous Tractors – Students use EV3 LEGO Mindstorm Robots to code their “tractors” to harvest using ultrasonic sensors. (Technology)

Biotech in Farming – Students will identify the marker for a genetically modified crop using a restriction enzyme digest and gel electrophoresis. (Biology)

Drone Data – Using KIOSC Tello Edu Drones, students program the drones to complete data analysis tasks.

Smart Irrigation – Learners use Mirco:Bits to develop a prototype to water plants with a moisture sensor for sustainability. (Engineering and Coding)

Calm Community – Students experiment with EEG headsets to understand how you can manipulate brain waves, learn effectively or prepare the brain for different tasks. A must for a Smart Town Community. (Psychology)

3D Designing – Learners will use TinkerCAD 3D design tools to create prototypes. This program can be tailored and designed to create prototypes to fit the school curriculum. (Engineering and Mathematics)

At KIOSC Only:

Any KIOSC Discovery Program

VR Town – Students use Virtual Reality technology to build their 3D Smart Town in Minecraft (Under Development)

Program Outline:

KIOSC has a diverse range of programs and delivery options for schools:

  1. Face to Face @ Your School – KIOSC Educators travel to your school for 90 minute sessions. We bring STEM equipment based on the program being delivered.
  2. Face to Face @ KIOSC – Students come to KIOSC and we deliver the program at our amazing TECH Centre. (Bus and Accommodation is paid for by KIOSC)
  3. Online Assistance – KIOSC Educators teach virtual sessions that are directly timetabled into the normal scheduled classes. We also provide additional resources where students and teachers can log into KIOSC’s Learning Management System (LMS).