Inspired Technology (Biomimicry)


How can we find inspiration for technology in the natural world?

Nature’s structures, processes and systems are time-tested solutions to the challenges of living sustainably. They therefore inspire and inform the design of many types of products and even solutions for some of our most pressing global issues, through what is known as Biomimicry or Biomimetic Design.

Program Overview

This program explores Biomimicry concepts.


Students explore how aquatic animals utilise hydraulics, and how this can inspire modern hydraulic mechanisms. Using various components and tools, they assemble a hydraulic gripper and use them for environmental conservation.


Students explore how bats – and they themselves – can use echoing sounds to sense and navigate their surroundings. They code mBots robots to avoid obstacles using ultrasonic sensors.

Neuromorphic Learning

Through various games and activities, students explore some ways in which the human brain learns and how these inspire Machine Learning. They will train an Artificial Intelligence system to reliably recognise visual inputs and respond in specific ways.

Curriculum Focus

Science / Digital Technologies / Humanities / Mathematics

Duration – 9.30am to 2.30pm
Maximum: 100 students per day