Fractured Fairy Tales – At KIOSC or ONLINE Delivery

Online Delivery

What students will learn:

Imagine writing your own Choose Your Own Adventure story. This program engages students in writing as they mindmap and plan their adventure, and develop their literacy skills. Students will use elements of ‘trait writing’ to scaffold their storytelling. The Choose Your Own Adventure style builds on a well known fairy tale – Little Red Riding Hood. Student use the linear story and start to diverge and offer choices in the story to the reader. Students will also learn to tell a story through a different voice; what if the wolf was actually nice and arrived to help Grandma, and it was all a big misunderstanding??

What students will do:

Part 1 -Story with a New Voice

How will the new version of the story be told? Students brainstorm a new style to tell their story – what genre will the story be told in? They use an online collaboration tool called Miro.

Part 2 – Using Metaverse (Augmented Reality)

Metaverse – Augmented Reality App. Student learn how to use the augmented reality app, adding in new elements and artefacts to tell their story in a new voice. Really very cool!

Online Requirements:

  • Laptop/Computer
  • Ipad/tablet/phone*: students will need to have the Metaverse App downloaded onto a device.
    • *As this is an educational purpose, schools can permit students to use their phones for this activity.

Links to industry and pathways:

  • Creative Writing
  • Digital Technologies
  • Industry Partner: Scriibi


  • 1 x 90 minute session with¬† post work activities in KIOSC’s Learning Management System

Student Numbers:

  • Minimum 15 students when booking. Combined Year Levels are not an issue.
  • Maximum unlimited.