Crime Lab: Forensic Science Skills – At KIOSC

At KIOSC- 2 hours face to face program – Bookings available on Thursdays and Fridays

What students will learn:

Learners will have the opportunity to work with a highly qualified Forensic Scientist. They will learn how to use high tech chemistry equipment, such as High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), Gas Chromatography (GC) and  and UV Spectrophotometry.

What the students will do:

Working in the KIOSC Science Lab, learners will make up standards and use the HPLC and UV Spectrophotometer to analyse potential forensic evidence. They will learn about science careers and working in the areas of crime.

Example: Analysis of “Drugs”, Suspicious liquids and powders, Accelerants from Fire Scenes…..

Links to industry and pathways:

  • Forensic Services
  • Laboratory Skills


  • 1 x 120 minute session with pre and post work activities in KIOSC’s Learning Management System

Student Numbers:

One class of enrichment student – Lab has a maximum of 24 students