Portable, multi-functional, classroom-ready and designed to make teaching easier.

PocketLab devices are designed to increase the engagement of all students including diverse learners, reduce prep time for classroom activities, and produce better student outcomes. All PocketLabs measure and collect live data from hundreds of ready-to-use hands-on science activites available in the lesson library on PocketLab Notebook.

Program Overview

Voyager 2:

Attach this rugged multi-sensor to almost anything and see what happens. Voyager 2 combines an array of popular precision science sensors into a single, portable device to create a science lab that fits in your hand. It’s the most versatile multi-sensor on the market.



PocketLab G-Force is everything you need to bring physics concepts to life in a car small enough to fit on a Hot Wheels™ track. Measure velocity, position, g-force, rotation and direction using one device and instantly track, measure and analyze the data of any motion experiment you can imagine. Use the G-force accessories to create crash simulations or see the effects of added weight or wind in real-time. It’s serious science with the fun built in.


Equipment Loan

What is included:

  • Links to Website resources:
  • Classroom Kit: 10 pack of Pocket Lab Voyagers
  • Classroom Kit: 2 sets each with 6 cars.

Choose which kit will suit your needs.

Curriculum Links:

Science – Physics at Year 9 and 10

VCE Physics