Equipment Loan: River Story


Water testing backpacks are portable kits that contain all the necessary equipment to test water quality for a variety of parameters, such as pH, dissolved oxygen, temperature, and conductivity. They are a valuable tool for educators, environmental scientists, and citizens who want to monitor the health of their local waterways.

Lesson Overview

Attend KIOSC for a 2 hour introduction session where students will learn how to use the Water Testing Field Backpacks

Equipment Loan

  • 15 student backpack
  • What the pack contains:

    Chemical test kits: These kits contain reagents and supplies for performing chemical tests on water samples.

    • Pocket testers: These handheld devices can be used to measure various water quality parameters, such as pH, dissolved oxygen, and temperature.

    • Sampling equipment: This includes bottles, vials, and other tools for collecting and storing water samples.

    • Data collection sheets: These sheets are used to record test results and observations.

    • Instruction manual: This manual provides step-by-step instructions for using the backpack’s equipment.

Curriculum Focus:

Science | Humanities | VCE Environmental Science

  • 6 hours of resource use