7 Mathematical Algorithms: Emergency Technology


How can robots/technology assist in emergencies?

Technology applications into emergency services assists in the deployment of services to aid our community. Algorithmic thinking enables a robot/computer to be given a set of instructions that can automate an emergency response. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, data can be provided to inform and monitor emergency situations.

Program Overview

This program explores algorithmic thinking.

Micro:bit Hazard Monitoring

Students understand how micro-controllers are used in modelling early warning systems for earthquakes and bushfires. The Internet of Things (IoT) enables the data to be collated and analysed in real time.

Sphero Ambulance

Students use block coding to program an emergency vehicles route to hospital. IoT is used to track the ambulance arriving at the hospital.

Bomb Defusal

Algorithms are used to help relay simple commands from human to computer. In this workshop, students in VR must diffuse a bomb. Their partner, cannot see the screen and so the art of good communication is needed to relay instructions or you it will explode. It is actually a lesson in good communication, and chunking relevant information.

Curriculum Focus

Mathematics/ Science / Digital Technologies