Design: Upcycling Old Pianos – Wire Weaving with Circuits

Design: UpCycling Pianos – Wire Weaving Circuits

KIOSC, with Pianos Recycled, have joined forces to celebrate DESIGN. The THEME for 2022 is UPCYCLING. It is so important for students to understand our ‘throw-away’ society and work towards re-imaging what could be used from objects like pianos.

Curriculum Focus:

  • Art and Creative Design
  • Sustainability: Endangered Species (Ivory and Ebony)
  • Engineering
  • Electronics

There are 2 programs on offer – choose one or both!

  1. Wire Weaving: Create, using piano wire, an animal weaved wire design. Add in LED TECH to have the eyes glow!
  2. Sculpt or Jewels: Pulling apart the piano, use features like key hammers and pegs to sculpt or create jewelry pieces.


  • Two Hours and students take their creations home.


Note: Program Booking will still be available after Design Week for schools to book throughout the Year!!