Design: Upcycling Old Pianos – Sculpt or Jewel

UpCycling Pianos

KIOSC, with Pianos Recycled, have joined forces to celebrate DESIGN WEEK. The THEME for 2022 is UPCYCLING. It is so important for students to understand our ‘throw-away’ society and work towards re-imaging what could be used from objects like pianos.

Curriculum Focus:

  • Art and Creative Design
  • Sustainability: Endangered Species (Ivory and Ebony)
  • Engineering
  • Electronics

There are 2 programs on offer – choose one or both!

  1. Wire Weaving: Create, using piano wire, an animal weaved wire design. Add in LED TECH to have the eyes glow!
  2. Sculpt or Jewels: Pulling apart the piano, use features like key hammers and pegs to sculpt or create jewelry pieces.


  • Two Hours and students take their creations home.


Note: Program Booking will still be available after Design Week for schools to book throughout the Year!!