Students will explore the intersection of technology and creativity by designing and building their own musical instruments using Makey Makey circuits and Scratch coding. They will learn the fundamentals of electricity and circuitry, along with the basics of programming, to create interactive and engaging musical experiences.

Program Overview

This program explores technology and engineering designs:

  1. Circuits, Design and Code
  • Students identify the key components of Makey Makey circuits and their roles in generating electrical signals.
  • They recognize the fundamental programming blocks in Scratch and their applications in controlling digital actions.
  • Students explain how Makey Makey interacts with Scratch to translate electrical signals into musical sounds.

2. MakeBlock Laser

  • Understand the basic principles of laser cutting and engraving.
  • Recognize safety precautions and procedures when using the Makeblock Laser Cutter.
  • Design and create projects using the Makeblock Laser Cutter, incorporating laser cutting and engraving techniques.

3. Making Music

  • Construct a Makey Makey-based musical instrument using various conductive materials.
  • Utilize Scratch coding to assign specific musical sounds to different Makey Makey inputs.
  • Design and implement a Scratch program to control the tempo, pitch, and rhythm of the generated music.

Curriculum Focus

Critical and Creative Thinking / Ethical Capabilities / Science / Digital Technologies / Design Technologies / Mathematics