Y7: Theta World

10 - 15 Nov, 2021

4:41 pm
Step 1:
Pre-work Mathspace
Click Here: Log into your Mathspace account to practice and gain your skills.
Step 2:
Challenge Question
Challenge Question: Download the Document Below.
Step 3:
Submit Answers
Click Here: Submit

Challenge Question solution can only be submitted once!!
See you class teacher for Mathspace Login Details


This is awarded to a student each week from each school for persistence in the Challenge. GOOD LUCK. Your teachers can nominate you as well as KIOSC staff.

GRIT AWARD Winners: Week 1

SchoolYear 7 Winners
Rowville Secondary CollegeCallan B
Bayswater Secondary CollegeHenry E
Scoresby Secondary CollegeHarper A
Wantirna CollegeMayuresh D
Fairhills High SchoolZachary H

GRIT AWARD Winners: Week 2

SchoolYear 7 Winners
Rowville Secondary College Pending
Bayswater Secondary College Emily F
Scoresby Secondary College Bek H
Wantirna College Sophie B
Fairhills High School No Submissions

Competition Details

  1. This competition is for Year 7 and 8 students only, from KIOSC Partner Schools.
  2. Pre-work in Mathspace activities can be completed several times. 
    • Core activity – to be completed by all students.  
    • Extended activity – for those who wish to extend themselves. 
  3. Challenge question solutions can only be submitted once via the supplied link. Weekly Challenge Question can be found below.
    • If multiple submissions, only the first will be assessed. 
  4. Students must work individually to solve the questions. The individual students’ scores will be added towards the school score for the Major School Award. 
  5. KIOSC staff will have the final say on the “Grit Awards” and “Major School Award” 
  6. “Major School Award” will be a calculation each week of the school community average comprising of: 
    • 50% Mathspace Pre-work (Core Activity – recommended). 
    • 50% Challenge question solution. 

Student Support

The video tutorial assist students in the use of Excel. A great way to work with some of the challenge questions.

Teacher Support for Mathspace

  • Student Guide– Useful pdf guide for teachers and students
  • Student side of Mathspace – A short 5 minute video you can share with your students to show them how to navigate their way around Mathspace.
  • Eddie Woo’s videos – these have been remapped to the 2020 editions of our textbook