STEM to the Rescue

17 - 21 Jun, 2024

8:30 am - 4:00 pm

STEM to the Rescue: Disaster Relief
Are you ready to become a STEM specialist on a critical mission?
From Monday 17th June to Friday 21st June students will team up with 3-4 classmates to put your STEM skills to the test in a simulated natural disaster rescue mission. Imagine this: a remote island has been devastated by a cyclone, communication is down, and they desperately need supplies! As a STEM Mission Specialist, you will be tasked with designing and delivering essential aid using cutting-edge technology.

Your Mission:

Over the course of a week at KIOSC and visits to Defence Bases and related industries in Melbourne, students will unpack and upskill to complete the mission brief.

  • Code the Communication Lifeline: Learn how to program tiny computers to transmit and receive vital messages between the island and rescue command.
  • Map the Scene: Build a 360° replica model of the island, analyzing the terrain and identifying the perfect landing spot for your drone delivery.
  • Prototype the Perfect Delivery: Design and build a lightweight, durable box to attach to your drone.
  • Drone Flight: Learn how to program drones to navigate the challenging island terrain and deliver their essential payload.
  • Challenge Showdown: On the last day, teams will take part in a Challenge Showdown putting all their learned skills to the test.

Program Goal: To increase student awareness and interest in pursuing STEM-related careers in the Department of Defence and related industries, such as VR and Drones.

Additional Information:
1. The work experience is open to students 15 years of age by Monday 17th June, 2024.
2. Dates: Monday 17th June to Friday 21th June

3. Students are expected to arrive at KIOSC each day at 8.30am, ready for their 8.45am briefing and days activities.
4. Each day will concluded at 4pm, with a shortened day on Friday 21th June where students will be dismissed at 2.00pm.
5. Lunch, drinks and snacks will be provided for students each day, along with a Work Experience Hoodie and 2 T-shirts.
6. Successful students will need permission from their school.
7. There is a selection process, please be prompt in submitting your application