STEM to the Rescue

17 - 21 Jun, 2024

8:30 am - 4:00 pm

STEM to the Rescue: Disaster Relief
Are you ready to become a STEM specialist on a critical mission?
From Monday 17th June to Friday 21st June students will team up with 3-4 classmates to put your STEM skills to the test in a simulated natural disaster rescue mission. Imagine this: a remote island has been devastated by a cyclone, communication is down, and they desperately need supplies! As a STEM Mission Specialist, you will be tasked with designing and delivering essential aid using cutting-edge technology.

Your Mission:

Over the course of a week at KIOSC and visits to Defence Bases and related industries in Melbourne, students will unpack and upskill to complete the mission brief.

  • Code the Communication Lifeline: Learn how to program tiny computers to transmit and receive vital messages between the island and rescue command.
  • Map the Scene: Build a 360° replica model of the island, analyzing the terrain and identifying the perfect landing spot for your drone delivery.
  • Prototype the Perfect Delivery: Design and build a lightweight, durable box to attach to your drone.
  • Drone Flight: Learn how to program drones to navigate the challenging island terrain and deliver their essential payload.
  • Challenge Showdown: On the last day, teams will take part in a Challenge Showdown putting all their learned skills to the test.

Program Goal: To increase student awareness and interest in pursuing STEM-related careers in the Department of Defence and related industries, such as VR and Drones.