Professional Learning: Introduction to Trait Writing with Scriibi

28 Feb, 2020

8:45 am - 10:30 am

The traits of writing are steeped in over 30 years of research and continue to gain popularity worldwide. The research reveals that ‘quality’ writing all share six essential components. They are – ideas, organisation, sentence fluency, word choice, voice and conventions. Click to Register

Using student examples, strategies and teacher activities, teachers will have a clear understanding of the 6+1 traits of writing and the skills that support them.

At this workshop you will receive:

  • Over 15 effective writing strategies and ideas to use in the classroom
  • A set of skills based lessons that follow the gradual release model (I Do, We Do, You Do)

What is Trait Writing?

Writing is broken down into 6 traits, plus presentation.

  1. IDEAS
  5. VOICE


Trait writing helps students develop a critical writer’s eye and assess the main characteristics of writing independent from one another. It uses a common language from Prep to Grade 6

It nurtures process learning

  • It values the writing process and process learning.
  • All children learn that they are writers and writing is celebrated every day.
  • We don’t pressure students to finish. Writing a draft is the writing task.
  • Students revisit the same piece many times to evaluate, respond to feedback and set specific achievable short term goals to develop their writing skills. Each piece should be an improvement from the last.

If students work like this and think about writing as a process, their writing flourishes. Research has proven this!

It uses a set of criteria

  • Students learn what is important (focus) for them to learn
  • Students measure how well they’re doing
  • Students become self-evaluators and give specific feedback to peers
  • Enables consistency and accurate assessment

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