XLR8 – FIRST Robotic Competition Team 7128 (aka XLR8)

KIOSC proudly supports FRC Team 7128 (aka XLR8)

XLR8 is a FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) teams consisting of 15-20 high school aged students based at KIOSC in Wantirna.

During the competition season (January-March), XLR8 design and build a fully functional 45 kg remote-controlled robot to compete against other robots in the FIRST game challenge. In 2018, XLR8 won the South Pacific Regional and went on to compete in the World Championships in Houston TX, USA.

Unlike many other robotics competitions, FRC robots are not put together from a standard kit of parts. To build a successful robot, teams need to design and manufacture many of their own parts as well as develop software programs to run their robot.

At KIOSC, XLR8 use CAD software to build computer models of their robot design. This helps them test and refine their ideas before cutting a single piece of metal. Once they have a design, they move to KIOSC’s fully equipped VET training workshop (e.g. vices, hacksaws, files, drill press, etc.) to manufacture the unique parts they need to bring their design to life. In the workshop, XLR8 learn important practical skills such how to use trade tools, and how to make measurements. They also learn how to make (and recover from) measurement mistakes! When making mistakes is not an option, they have the assistance of KIOSC teaching staff who help them manufacture their more complicated precision parts from the team’s CAD drawings using CNC machines.

FRC is not just about building a robot. Team work, safety, entrepreneurship, media and branding are also very important. Using KIOSC’s Mac Computer Lab with the full Microsoft and Adobe Creative suites, students gain skills in developing documentation, managing budgets and inventory, as well as Photoshop and Illustrator.

KIOSC is a perfect partner for FIRST’s quest to train and inspire today’s students to become tomorrow’s engineering, science and technology professionals.

KIOSC and XLR8 look forward to giving more students in the Victorian region the opportunity to take part in the FRC experience!