Swinburne Youth Space Challenge

Overview: Swinburne is running a 10-week program for secondary students years 10 and up that
will take them through a special short course in order to learn how to research and design an
experiment for space. Student teams will come up with their own experiment concept and pitch
it to a panel of experts. The top three submissions will go on to become finalists with an
opportunity to build and send their experiment to the International Space Station! There is still
much to learn when it comes to the microgravity environment and how organisations like NASA
will support astronauts as they travel to the Moon and beyond to Mars. Your students can
contribute to this important area of research and discover what a career in space research
holds. This program, previously only offered to one school, has already successfully launched
three student projects into space. Now it could be your school’s turn! The challenge will launch
April 19th 2021, to find out more email Dr. Rebecca at rebeccaallen@swin.edu.au.


  • 6 week Space Applications micro-unit
  • Weekly mentorship from University students across the Science and Engineering Faculty
  • Interactive online learning environment to foster collaboration of ideas across schools
  • Chance to send their experiment to the International Space Station!

For more Information – download the Swinburne Youth Space Challenge Flyer

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