National Science Week

KIOSC is hosting “Destination Mars” for Science Week.

Training Missions include:

  1. Colonisation: Students investigate the materials required to withstand the extreme cold on Mars (dry ice). Using STELR housing and data logging equipment, students hypothesise the best insulating materials for colonisation.
  2. Robotic Engineering: Students code and engineer EV3 LEGO Mindstorm robots to navigate space challenges and assist humans in a dangerous working environment.
  3. Mars Odyssey: Students explore the surface of Mars using Oculus Rift Virtual Reality technology, working to make repairs to the Mars Rovers in a virtual space suit.

How could we live and work on Mars?

Space exploration and the willingness for humans to live on other planets is fast becoming a reality. Society has adopted many benefits from space research/explorations and we will continue to benefit from discoveries made. The ability to live on Mars and function as a working society poses many challenges and obstacles.The use of new technologies such as Virtual Reality provide a mechanism to explore the unknown and assist in training future space explorers. Data analysis and algorithmic thinking support us in exploring new and innovative ideas of space exploration.