Connecting Students to their Future

At KIOSC, our goal is simple: to inspire and empower students with the skills and knowledge they need for their future careers, through engaging, innovative programs.

Booking Guidelines and Conditions

    1. Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series: Bookings are open for all Government Schools for Enrichment Students which is funded through the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series (VCES). You may book from the selected VCES selections or any Discovery Program.
    2. VCE Masterclasses: Bookings are open to all schools (Government, Independent, Religious) for VCE Masterclasses.
    3. Raising Rural Regional Aspirations: Bookings are open for Rural Schools who have partnered with KIOSC for this special grant.
    4. KIOSC Partner Schools and Special Project Schools: Booking are open to our 6 Knox Partner Schools:
      • Bayswater Secondary College
      • Boronia K-12 College
      • Fairhills High School
      • Rowville Secondary College
      • Scoresby Secondary College
      • Wantirna College
      • and schools that have ‘Special Projects’ with KIOSC. (Contact KIOSC for confirmation)

    KIOSC is Celebrating 10 Years of STEM Education

    KIOSC is so excited to be providing exciting, engaging STEM education to our local Knox schools and beyond. We have a series of celebrations planned, so look out for these events.

    KIOSC School Partners