Our Purpose

The Knox Innovation, Opportunity and Sustainability Centre (KIOSC) aims to inspire and empower today’s students to develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours which will equip them for their future careers.

KIOSC connects students to their role in a diverse and sustainable future; understanding the world from the perspectives of environmental, economic and socio-cultural sustainability.

KIOSC emphasizes practical learning experiences through a range of programs that provide a window into the world of work, linking a broad range of pathways in science, maths, technology, social sciences and humanities to integrated hands on curriculum.

Through innovative learning experiences and strong connections with industry, KIOSC opens students’ eyes to the practical applications of classroom learning and the real world careers they lead to.

An innovative learning centre that will give students the opportunity to develop the new "green" skills essential for success in the workplace of the future.
KIOSC Trade Training Centre
Swinburne University of Technology
369 Stud Road
VIC 3152

Phone 03 9210 1285
Email kiosc@swin.edu.au
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