Discovery Theatre

KIOSC features a highly stimulating Discovery Theatre, accommodating up to 100 students in flexible approaches to learning, enriched by interactive wall and pedestal touch screens, surround sound and a sixteen metre curved projection wall. Custom designed interactive activities have been developed specifically for the curriculum.

Movable informal furniture enables the space to change with ease for different educational modes. Students can enjoy creating their own environment to suit their own learning style and group themselves in a variety of ways to suit their areas of interest.

Visitors to the Discovery Theatre can take part in a variety of facilitator, group or self- led activities that help to develop teamwork, collaborative problem solving and communication skills.

The Discovery Theatre features KIOSC’s flagship visitor program, Knoxbridge

Park. This interactive simulation challenges visitors to make sustainable urban planning decisions for their city, as they balance the economic, environmental and socio-cultural well being of their community.

An innovative learning centre that will give students the opportunity to develop the new "green" skills essential for success in the workplace of the future.
KIOSC Trade Training Centre
Swinburne University of Technology
369 Stud Road
VIC 3152

Phone 03 9210 1285
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