Discovery Centre

KIOSC comprises a technology rich interactive Discovery Centre designed for visits by primary and secondary students accompanied by their teachers.

The educational programs at KIOSC are designed to connect students to a sustainable productive future, improve their scientific literacy and critical thinking skills, broaden their understanding of possible study and career paths and raise their aspirations for their own futures.

The Discovery Centre is characterized by immersive technologies, including touch screens and large format wall, floor and ceiling projection systems that provide a sense of immersion in the activity and enable alternative forms of interaction with learning content.

The expansive presentation, group and breakout spaces and technology rich environment at KIOSC, make it an ideal venue for the hosting of exhibitions, expos, seminars and conferences. For further information on how to hire the Discovery Centre, please email us on

An innovative learning centre that will give students the opportunity to develop the new "green" skills essential for success in the workplace of the future.
KIOSC Trade Training Centre
Swinburne University of Technology
369 Stud Road
VIC 3152

Phone 03 9210 1285
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