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At KIOSC our aim is to give students an authentic and realistic insight into the world of work so that they can make more informed decisions about their future, build their skills for employment and improve their career prospects.

In order to successfully do this, KIOSC relies on the goodwill of local businesses to work with our teachers to provide industry input into the curriculum as well as opportunities for students to access industry mentors, work experience and on the job training that will enhance their understanding of the workplace and the relevance to their studies.

KIOSC has established the KIOSC Connect Program to enable industry and community partners to contribute in a meaningful and productive way to the KIOSC programs and the students’ learning. The KIOSC Connect Program enables a tailored partnership to be developed for each industry or community partner, ensuring that the level of contribution and commitment required will work for both the partner and KIOSC.

By becoming a KIOSC Connect Partner, your organisation will be directly assisting young people to develop work related skills and an understanding of how businesses operate. You will help to make learning more engaging, raise the students’ aspirations and broaden their horizons to enable them to make a real contribution to the workforce and the economy. You will also play an important role in giving students and their parents an insight into the new industries and jobs that will be created into the future.

Vital industry and community support will help KIOSC to build, enhance and sustain the work force capability of the region and assist in unlocking the talent of our young people.

For further information on how to become a KIOSC Connect Partner, please email us on

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