Saturday 01 January 2011
College Essay Writing Techniques

Find out simple and useful techniques to write college essays from the team of professional essay writers of EssayShop writing service.   Word Count A word count will nearly always be given with any essay or paper. It’s important to stick to the word count because examiners will have no issue with knocking a good chunk of marks off of the final grade. If students are struggling with word counts then they should consider eliminating some of their major points, simplifying their sentences, or combining some of the more similar points.   Be Clear It’s no use writing a research paper without making a thesis statement. The thesis statement is an unsubstantiated statement which outlines the whole argument or point the essay will be following. This should come in the very first paragraph and should be outlined as clearly as possible. If at all possible, try and make sure the main point can be expressed in one simple and understandable sentence.   Citation Style This is important to get right because colleges don’t look too kindly on different citation styles being used. Each college will have their own specific style and this should be followed to the letter. If a student doesn’t know what the college’s style is then it should be available on the college’s official website or through a professor.   Common citation styles will include anything from footnotes, to in-text references, and different styles of bibliographies. Getting the citation part of an essay right is often the hardest part.   Evidence is Key Despite the fact that a thesis statement is completely unsubstantiated, this shouldn’t apply to the rest of the essay. Evidence should be used to back up any and every statement. Never assume that the person reading the paper knows what the student is talking about because this is not always the case. Yes, they may understand sometimes, but they will still have the right to penalise the essay because it’s still a sign of academic weakness.   Evidence should always be cited by using the appropriate citation style and any quotes should be indicated by use of quotation marks. Failure to do this can mean that the student can be penalised for unintentional plagiarism, and this can have serious academic consequences for the future.

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